The Mental Capacity Act 2: Patient Advocacy and Ethics

Lynch, T. (2008) The Mental Capacity Act 2: patient advocacy and ethics. Nursing Times; 104: 43, 26–27.

This article discusses possible ethical and legal dilemmas in the interpretation of both the act and its code of practice.

Euthanasia statistics highly spun

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From Care Not Killing Alliance

Severe disability is not a fate worse than death

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Parents of disabled newborns should be given a message of hope, not doom, says Jane Campbell

By Jane Campbell, Friday November 24, 2006, The Guardian

Assisted Suicide is Bad Medicine

By Wesley J. Smith

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Former Gov. Booth Gardner, a Parkinson's disease patient, hopes to place an initiative on the 2008 ballot to legalize assisted suicide in Washington. For the sake of Washington's most weak and vulnerable people, he should reconsider.

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